Thanks for all the backing and support given to me on my run in 2013.  I am getting involved in district activities and already have much support for a run in 2015.  More to follow!!!

 It Is Time To Freshen Up Our School Board
  I am Craig Angrimson and am asking for your vote as your representative on the 196 school board. I have served my country with the United States Marine Corps, been president of local 35-operating engineers for the past 3 years, served on labor/management board with metropolitan council, co chair of safety committee with same, involved with Eastview band fund-raising and co chair the security team for one of the biggest band festivals in the state, coached traveling softball, plus much more!

My wife Gail and I moved to district196 twenty one years ago, due to the quality of arts and education offered. We had no children at the time, but knew we would have a family some day. I am now the proud father of a 16 year old daughter- Rachel, who is a junior at Eastview High School. I have seen our board try to keep a balanced budget, which is difficult due to hard fiscal times as a state. We also voted down needed levy two years ago, which hurt even more.

The two questions you probably want to ask are: 1. why was a levy needed, and: 2. why did it not pass.

My response is it was needed partly due to waste. Every state entity has waste- the key is finding it and trying to minimize or eliminate it. It was also needed due to budget cuts on the state level, which are really uncontrollable on a local level. Part two is why it was turned down. I seriously think the public was not aware of the districts financial condition. They needed a better way to communicate what, why, how, etc. People move into 196 for the same reason I did- QUALITY EDUCATION!!!! When you hear your son or daughters teachers went two years with a wage freeze, how long do you really think these quality educators will stay around, or will they look elsewhere for greener pastures. Teachers are the districts biggest asset. Lets help keep them. People in district 196 are willing to pay for this, but we must be accountable and show citizens how their money is being used wisely-ACCOUNTABILITY!

I have experience to help this district. The past three years as a union president, a member of the St. Paul Labor Federation, Labor/management committees, Eastview High School committees, and many contacts not only on a local level, but in St Paul also. If elected, everyday people will have a voice in the district. You can contact me, and we will discuss your issues. I will never just give lip service. If I say I will do something, it will happen. I am a man of my word, as anyone who knows me will attest to.

My goal is to improve our districts financial situation, and also take care of our biggest asset-educators. Thank you for your support.

Craig Angrimson
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